Dies Pubcrawl

The pubcrawl was a great succes! After getting started with a few bears in the F.O.R.T. and some fries, everyone was ready to take the train to Maastricht. In the train, everyone made some sounds that sounded like cantus songs. Once we arrived in the capital of Limburg, our night of partying could really begin. The first bar that was visited was Peter's Irish Pub. Here, people could ease into the night with a half liter of beer. Up next was Cliniq. Most of the participants took a shot with their friends and started partying. After a free beer at 2Heeren and some more fun, we went to the last bar, FM Kaffee. At FM Kaffee, we danced and had a lot of fun until we had to go back to Eindhoven. Half of the participants went into the normal bus, where some partying was going on. The other half went into the party bus with a lot of music and disco lights. This was the end of an awesome night, where, hopefully, everyone had a great time.