On the 24th of March the XIIIth lustrum gala finally took place! After a long wait since the last Japie gala in 2020, around 150 participants got dressed up and put on their best mask to celebrate the 65th anniversary of our association. The night started with a delicious three-course dinner at restaurant Stories, which everyone left satisfied and with a full belly. After everyone had arrived at de Mispelhoef, the gala was officially opened with a speech from Bram and an opening dance performed by the XIIIth lustrum committee and the XIIIth lustrum board. After a chaotic couple of minutes, the party finally got started. The atmosphere was great and everyone was having an amazing time. Around 02:00, the party was over and everyone got home safely again.

If you are curious about the pictures, they can be found on the Japie website.

Etiquette Dinner

As the gala is right around the corner, some proper manners had to be taught while having dinner. For this we needed the special help of Mea S.M. Gerrits. Of Course, such an activity cannot be done without a restaurant. Here the Stadspaviljoen was of great help.
Before starting the 3-course-meal, the participants were taught how to behave while seated. Here a lord or lady of the table was chosen which was also the master of time. He or she led the group when they could eat and drink.
Then the participants could start on their first course, Tomato soup, Prawn croquettes or Carpaccio. As it was their first-time eating etiquette, not everything went 100% correct. Luckily Mea was there to help us.
With dinner, one of the most important things is the combination of food and drinks. Not everything will work together and such some remarks about this were made.
The main course consisted of fish stew with rice, chuck tender with fries or a vegan curry. This was very delicious, and the etiquette of people was already much better.
Afterwards, we learned how to introduce ourselves and to whom. The group was a bit too enthusiastic at first as everyone stood up and shook hands with everyone. This can be done for a smaller group, but when having dinner with 60 people this will be a challenge.
At last, the dessert was presented to us. Here a choice could be made from Scroppino, Garden delight or different kinds of cheese. As this was the last course, our stomachs were filled completely.
Some last remarks where then made how, as a guest, you should leave, but then the activity was unfortunately over.

All in all a great experience!

Dance Clinic

The dance clinic was a fantastic opportunity for members to learn and practice two popular dance styles: the waltz and the cha-cha. The two-hour workshop was expertly led by an experienced dance instructor, who provided step-by-step instruction and guidance to participants of all skill levels.
The workshop was well-organized, with a good balance of instruction, practice, and feedback. The instructor was patient and encouraging, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere that put participants at ease. Even those who had never danced before were able to pick up the steps quickly and enjoy themselves.
Overall, the dance clinic was a great success. Participants left the workshop feeling more confident and prepared for the upcoming gala. The clinic provided an excellent opportunity for members to come together and learn something new while having fun.