Welcome to Canon Production Printing! At our headquarters in Venlo we develop and manufacture high-tech printing products and consumables for the commercial printing market.

We’re not talking about the printers you’ll have at your (home) office, but printing machines that we sell B2B. Did you know that when you order a book online, your book is printed on demand on a Canon Production Printing printer? Did you know we also develop and produce our own inks, toners and other consumables? And there is so much more to discover!

From the world of printing, to printing the world.


EXBERRY® is the leading brand of Coloring Foods for the food and beverage industry. Coloring Foods are made from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants using a physical manufacturing process processed with water. Founded over 40 years ago on the principle of coloring food with food, EXBERRY® has established itself as the leading brand of natural colors for the food and beverage industry.